It's crucial we continue to be safe and stay well.


The pandemic has been tough for the global community, and our city is no different. While the current crisis has brought us together, caused us to provide for the vulnerable in new ways, and increased our concern for public health, it has also shown us ways we need to improve. Project Roomkey housed those without homes in our community, but it was a temporary fix. Various organizations have provided meals for those without them, but there is always a need for these meals. We must learn from this pandemic and develop policies that help these vulnerable people groups year round, not just during this crisis. Additionally, we need to continue to support our small businesses through grants and other aid so they can continue to thrive amidst this crisis.


On the council, I will heed the advice of the county and state health officials when we navigate what it looks like to move forward. I will also ensure that the spirit of concern and care for our neighbor that has developed during the pandemic can be shifted into programs that help the vulnerable in the years to come, long after the virus is gone.