Environment .

As a city with a historic care for our openspace, trees, and native plants & animals, we must continue to ensure that the policies we enact protect the environment and lead in the fight against climate change. I personally have benefitted from growing up in a community with such an expansive natural landscape. If elected, I would continue to care for this asset of our city, while also fighting for policies that protect our environment even more aggressively. It is not enough to merely protect our trees and openspace. If we are going to be a leader in caring for our environment, we have to actively target several areas of concern that, if left unaddressed, could be detrimental to our city and the future generations. We need to look to other cities that have led in these areas and learn from them. On the council, I will explore actions we can take at the city level, as well as collectively as citizens to maintain the beautiful community we know and love. We need to continue the legacy of environmental care that the City of Thousand Oaks has had, and become a leader for other communities to follow.

Support a Ban on Single-Use Plastics

Recently, the city council voted to ban polystyrene plastics and limit the distribution of plastic cutlery and straws in the City of TO. These plastics not only create emissions when produced, but often end up in our waterways and eventually, the ocean. I support this important move for our city, which also has support from many small business owners. On the council, I will explore other single-use plastics and disposable materials to limit in the city.

Create a Curbside Composting Service

When food waste is not properly disposed of, it produces methane, which is a dangerous greenhouse gas. We can make a big impact with this problem by giving residents a curbside option to dispose of their food waste. Many cities in California have already adopted a similar program with much success. Although this seems like a small change, it will make a significant impact.

Protect Our Open Space

Growing up in TO, I have benefited greatly from our open space. I often spend time on our hiking trails, and believe the vast natural landscape we have to be an asset of our city. I plan to protect this open space we have, so we keep intact the incredible ecosystems that make up our community.

Empower Residents to Care for Our Environment

Although we can initiate city programs to protect our environment, we also have the ability to encourage residents to take this work into their own hands. I plan to explore ways that the city can make it easier for residents to do this, including relaxing restrictions on home beekeeping, and exploring a rebate program for residents who plant trees on their properties.