Hi, I'm Danny

I have a deep love for the city I grew up in and I'm excited to help it grow.


A Product of This Community

I have grown up in Thousand Oaks and lived here my whole life. I have benefited from our public school system and have been able to achieve my goals because of those in this community who cared for me so well. My childhood consisted of spending a great deal of time in our open space, attending musicals at the Civic Arts Plaza, playing with my friends at our local parks, and enjoying food from all my favorite local restaurants. I am so thankful for every part of this community, from the people I have met over the years to the iconic oak trees from which our city gets its name. I have a deep love for this city, and I want it to continue improving so that all of its citizens can benefit from all we have to offer as a community. 

A Unique Perspective

I am a recent graduate of Eternity Bible College in Simi Valley and received a Bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies. I am currently on staff at my church working with middle and high school students. Both of these contexts have been incredibly formative for me over the past few years. Through studying the Bible, I have developed a perspective of personal responsibility to those on the margins. In my advocacy and activism, I draw from the biblical concept of fighting for justice for all people. Unfortunately, some in our community have used their faith to justify their prejudice, bigotry, and recently, their rejection of public health guidelines. I intend to embody the exact opposite on the council, ensuring that ALL our citizens are treated fairly.


Working with middle and high school students has given me a passion both for teaching students, and learning from their perspectives. One of my goals in running for city council is to represent them and have their best interest at heart. I want to help create a culture in Thousand Oaks that works together across generational divides to create a city that future generations will be able to thrive in. As a young person myself, I think my perspective would add a much needed voice to the city council. It’s time we bring young people into the conversation, rather than disregard their world views. 


A Passion for Local Politics

I started to develop a passion for politics when I was a senior in high school. I voted in my first election in 2016, and since then have been politically engaged, both nationally and locally. Since then I have participated in protests, demonstrations, and vigils, which have taught me what it looks like to advocate for others. I also got involved locally during this election, volunteering for a presidential campaign. I canvassed, participated in tabling events, attended rallies, and got to interact with voters in many other contexts. Through this experience I have gotten to hear from many Thousand Oaks residents and learned a great deal about the unique issues facing our city. I am excited to use that knowledge to fight for change here locally.

A Vision for Thousand Oaks

I have hope for an integrated Thousand Oaks. I dream of a community that listens to those with differing perspectives, rather than writing people off who disagree with them. I think the way we will truly achieve progress as a city will be through coming together—Silent Generation, Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z; Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green, Peace & Freedom, and No Party Preference; those with homes and those without homes; Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Sihk, Christian, Baha’i, Agnostic, and Athiest; Black, White, Latino, Asian American, and Native American; Queer and straight. I believe I am the person to lead these conversations. However, it is going to take all of us actually putting down our differences, assumptions, and biases, and listening to our neighbor if we really are going to create a community that works for us ALL.